Do you write down your dreams and goals only to find you keep achieving 1 or 2 things at best?

I know what that feels like.. because it was me a couple of years ago. Don't stress, we can get you back on the path to success in no time. To do that I want to share 5 things that have helped propel me beyond my limitations to really help me grow and kick goals continuously especially when the going gets tough.

In April (2017) I was invited to speak at Creative Mornings BNE '1st Birthday' event on the Gold Coast. The topic I'd been asked to share on was 'BEYOND' and so I chose to share some thoughts I felt were keys to my success. 

I truly believe if you implement these into your world you will see real change in your world. Hope you enjoy my talk! (And please don't hesitate to leave me feedback or questions!)

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1. We need a clear vision with a bold WHY that propels us forward!

Your 'Why' is everything! If you don't have a 'why' just yet that's okay, you now have an opportunity to start working on one. A 'why' is what will get you up out of bed in the morning and keep you up late at night, it's what will steady the ship when everything around you seems to be out of control. I highly recommend Simon Sinek's famous TED Talk: Start With Why

Ask Yourself: What do I want and why?


2. We need a support network and mentors around us!

We need people around us that are going to champion us forward when the going gets tough. This thing we're all a part of called 'life' is not easy and to really go beyond we need people in our world who've gone before. What I mean is we need people who have walked the road before us to guide and encourage us through.

There's a thought out in the universe that says -

'We are the sum of the 5 closest people in our world’

Have you heard it before? I think it's pretty true don't you? The people we hang out with the most, we tend to be most like... In beliefs, style, humour, passions, concerns and income too. (Think about it?)

Ask Yourself: Who is in your circle of influence? Who are the top 5 people you spend the most time with? Are they feeding off you or you off them? Are they people you want to be like? Do you need to make any adjustments?


3. Set yourself up to win before the day begins!

Before the day begins we have to set ourselves up to win with some form of Morning Routine. You might be thinking 'Ughh I'm not a morning person!' and don't worry neither am I! But here's the deal, when you experience what it's like to win continuously, then you'll want to be up early everyday. 

Thomas Jefferson put it this way:

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done." 

Earlier this year I read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod which changed my life! By simply adding a few things to my morning routine I've found I'm winning so much more in so many areas of my life.

Ask Yourself: Do you have a morning routine currently? Would you like to get the most out of every single day? (Recommend reading the book)


4. You have to do the work!

It sounds so simple I know.. It's meant to! Do you want to know my BIGGEST REALISATION of 2017?? 

Right now I have THE MOST FREEDOM that I will ever have in my entire existence on planet earth.

What am I saying by this? For me personally, I don't have a mortgage, a wife, kids or debt... therefore right now, I am the most resource rich, time rich and energy rich that I will ever be in my entire life! So - We need to stop making excuses!

Ask Yourself: What excuses have you been making?


5. Get Grateful!

If we want more out of life and really want to go beyond, then we have to get grateful!

We all want more, we all want to grow but we HAVE to get grateful for the things we have RIGHT NOW. If we can't learn to be grateful for what we have now, we won't have time to learn it when we go beyond. 

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions in the human experience, yet it's so underrated. We all know the power of anxiety, fear, worry, pain and anger yet hardly anyone knows that when gratitude is present none of those emotions can coexist, try it out - I dare you.

When you're truly grateful for something or someone, you can't be angry at them at the same time - it's impossible! This is why I love learning from someone like Tony Robbins, because his whole world is built on gratitude and it shows! 

Warning: Gratitude is powerful stuff!

Usage: Use everyday in every way for best results!!


Ask Yourself: Who are 3 people you are truly grateful for right now? Thought of 3?

Cool - now send them a little text to tell them you're grateful for them, right now - yes unlock your iPhone and go! ;)



These are 5 thoughts that have really shaped me in recent years and I highly encourage you to trial them out in your life. What's there to lose? Nothing, thought so. That's why you've read this far right? ;) Don't worry I get it, I read, watch and listen to so much content too - but it's about taking ACTION. So I suggest picking at least 1 thought from above and giving it a go today.

I'd love to know what you try and how you go? Please let me know! Shoot me a comment, message, email or whatever it is. I'd love to hear from you.

Wish you all the best & keep up the hustle!



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