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Have you ever thought that multitasking like a boss meant you were a super hero? How many things are you doing at once right now? Are you driving, running, eating, working or on the toilet? I want to talk to you about the detrimental affects of context switching or more commonly known as multitasking. You can watch on here if you so please: Watch Here Context switching is a term used in computing however more recently has been looked into by experts in relation to human beings. “Context switching occurs when an operating system stores the state of an application thread before stopping the thread and restoring the state of a different (previously stopped) thread so its execution can resume. The...

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What would you do if you turned 28 and had 50 cents to your name? Last week I turned 28 and I thought I'd share my top 3 learnings over the past year of my life.   Last week I turned 28 and threw a little get together at my favourite brewery Balter, which conveniently happens to be a deliscious 5km away from home... #blessed. My brother and I ordered up an Uber quick smart and snuck down there early for a cheeky Philly cheese steak burger and quiet beer before friends turned up from all over. It was a fun night catching up with friends from various different times and places in my life, laughing, reflecting, teasing, tickling and sharing the best beer on the planet!...

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HAVE YOU MISSED THE IDEA OF A LIFETIME BECAUSE YOU'VE BEEN NEGLECTING THE REGULAR STUFF?? How do we get past creative blocks? How do you cultivate creativity? The answer is all around us. (Watch the video below) Recently in May I was at my favourite design conference of the year rightly named - The Design Conference. It's a massive gathering that ignites connection among creatives through world class presentations from the best creatives around the world and real talk workshops where you can get face to face with your biggest inspirations and learn directly from them.   It was my third year at the conference and is always a lot of fun, but more than that I always walk away with a fresh perspective. This...

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