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What would you do if you turned 28 and had 50 cents to your name? Last week I turned 28 and I thought I'd share my top 3 learnings over the past year of my life.   Last week I turned 28 and threw a little get together at my favourite brewery Balter, which conveniently happens to be a deliscious 5km away from home... #blessed. My brother and I ordered up an Uber quick smart and snuck down there early for a cheeky Philly cheese steak burger and quiet beer before friends turned up from all over. It was a fun night catching up with friends from various different times and places in my life, laughing, reflecting, teasing, tickling and sharing the best beer on the planet!...

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The 90:10 Rule

What is the 90:10 rule and have you experienced it at work in your life? Have you ever spent hours on a project only to get so close but feel like you just aren’t moving the needle any further? Have you felt the frustration of knowing you’ve nearly created a master piece but find yourself staring blankly into your screen or canvas paralysed unable to discern how to finally finish it?   Well then, you’ve most likely experienced the 90:10 rule without even knowing it! The 90:10 rule is a thought that was shared with me by Craig Groeschel who is a phenomenal leader in the US. It suggests that when we work on a project we will often bring...

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