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Have you ever thought that multitasking like a boss meant you were a super hero? How many things are you doing at once right now? Are you driving, running, eating, working or on the toilet? I want to talk to you about the detrimental affects of context switching or more commonly known as multitasking. You can watch on here if you so please: Watch Here Context switching is a term used in computing however more recently has been looked into by experts in relation to human beings. “Context switching occurs when an operating system stores the state of an application thread before stopping the thread and restoring the state of a different (previously stopped) thread so its execution can resume. The...

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How to Illustrate like a Pro? | Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Free tutorial for creatives of every level to learn how to illustrate and place text. Recently I've heard from more struggling creatives and freelance artists than successful ones. When I was up and coming I had no one to annoy except my mate Shane, who lives 1000kms away! (Thank God for Skype!)  Instagram wasn't around back then so I didn't have the power of DM's to reach out and pick the brains of my inspirations! (That's a conversation for another day) What I'm saying is, the connection and opportunity we have now is infinitely ridiculous! When Instagram came about and I started reaching out to my biggest inspirations and asking about their process and techniques all I received were unopened messages or even worse... "Seen"... I think...

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