You asked the questions and I've answered them! I’m so hungry to hear from you guys! I want your feedback, thoughts and questions continually. Reason being is, I know what it’s like to struggle and wander without any real help or direction. Because from my experience school doesn’t teach real life, time management, growth hacking, money or true business skills. We have to figure that stuff out ourselves and if we don’t have someone ahead of us in the journey then it can be a difficult road on our own.

I recently I put the word out there to ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA), absolutely anything! It could’ve been specific to your field, personal, something about what I do or random - literally anything! It’s been super cool hearing from you and hearing all your questions! It’s honestly your comments and emails that provide me with rocket fuel to go harder so… THANK YOU for leaving me one if you did! If you didn’t that’s ok, I still love you and there’s always time - even now?!

I want to make space for a monthly Q&A video (Questions & Application), not just answering your questions but giving you a way of applying yourself practically so it’s not just another answer lost to the breeze.

I've been documenting and storing all of your questions and I’m excited to have filmed my first Q&A video to tackle them all!! Are you ready?

Super fun, it goes a little like this…. check it out:

If you’d like a little sneak peak into the questions asked and answered let me indulge you:

- Are there any tools you use to organise/Improve your time management?

- Who and what inspires you?

- What application and process do you use to create your own fonts?

- What was it that drew you to the design/art world?

- Best advice for designers using social media as their primary way to gain clients?

- What's your primary app or platform to communicate and share data, comps, etc with clients?

- Is it about the size of the screen or how you use it?

- What is your favourite project you've worked on?

- When you find yourself in a funk, what do you do to get motivated or where do you draw the most inspiration?

- How essential is a drawing tablet to your process? Should I invest in one?

- How do you invoice? Do you use a program? Waves? Quickbooks? Contracts? Proposals?

- How do you go about pricing out work? Project based, time, rate?

- How did you find the sweet spot for charging for your work?

- Why are you still single?

- Do you see your style of work changing in the future and is there any other styles that you dig but are yet to try?

- How long did it take you to get used to using a Wacom tablet?

- How do you take just a drawing to a full scale design to print?

- Do you find the size of your Wacom convenient?

- How do you reach out to businesses you would love to hire you for a rebrand without sounding presumptuous or snooty?

- Is it better just to post projects and work on your social networks and wait for clients to come to you? or to contact them directly?

- What files do you hand over to a client? and how do you send those files to them?

- What's the best way to present your portfolio / what's the best platform?

- How do you get out of the ‘friends & family’ comfort zone?

- Do you take into account the size of a company and how much money they will make from your design when you quote a project?

- If you were buying a tablet would you recommend a Wacom 13" HD over an iPad Pro?

I’d love to know if you find any of my thoughts or answers valuable: Watch Now

As I mentioned earlier your comments, questions and thoughts are my rocket fuel so please don’t hesitate to reach out and I want to answer your questions regularly.


Appreciate you guys and I hope you are happy, healthy and enjoying the hustle!

Ryan Bowles

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