How to Illustrate like a Pro? | Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Free tutorial for creatives of every level to learn how to illustrate and place text.

Recently I've heard from more struggling creatives and freelance artists than successful ones. When I was up and coming I had no one to annoy except my mate Shane, who lives 1000kms away! (Thank God for Skype!) 

Instagram wasn't around back then so I didn't have the power of DM's to reach out and pick the brains of my inspirations! (That's a conversation for another day) What I'm saying is, the connection and opportunity we have now is infinitely ridiculous!

When Instagram came about and I started reaching out to my biggest inspirations and asking about their process and techniques all I received were unopened messages or even worse... "Seen"... I think we all know what that feels like right? No? Just me haha (To be fair a bunch of my inspirations did respond and have since become friends - but they were seriously the minority)

So I thought to myself, 'Ryan how many people are there in the world?' 7 BILLION! 'Ryan do you seriously think that out of 7 billion people you are the only one with this set of skills?'

Obvious Answer: NO! Therefore I thought - 'Why not start sharing what I know and adding value to someone else's life?'

So I begun with in my Instagram stories by sharing some of my process and giving away tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. The response - INSANE! I was so overwhelmed by people thanking me, asking for more, sharing how it had helped them + so much more. Pretty rewarding feeling to be honest!

Since then I've been wanting to create a YouTube account (seriously this time, no more games) and I have. Subscribe HERE

Here is my very first tutorial to the world. It's a short quick video that will equip any creative, beginner or advanced with the secret tool (that shouldn't be secret) that's helped me shape my style! 

I hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment with your thoughts, like and subscribe too, as I want to make many more to come. Enjoy

Keep hustling! 



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    Really great article. Thanks for taking the time to explain things in such great detail in a way that is easy to understand about Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

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