What would you do if you turned 28 and had 50 cents to your name? Last week I turned 28 and I thought I'd share my top 3 learnings over the past year of my life.


Last week I turned 28 and threw a little get together at my favourite brewery Balter, which conveniently happens to be a deliscious 5km away from home... #blessed. My brother and I ordered up an Uber quick smart and snuck down there early for a cheeky Philly cheese steak burger and quiet beer before friends turned up from all over. It was a fun night catching up with friends from various different times and places in my life, laughing, reflecting, teasing, tickling and sharing the best beer on the planet!


I had so many great conversations that night and wish I could share them all, but it's funny that the one that struck me most was over in 30 seconds! Can you believe it? I find it funny that sometimes the most profound moments are simply just that... Profound moments - not all that long, nor meant to be all that insightful. Just profound and momentary. 


It came in good form from my dear friend Geoff Wilson, who is an incredible Entrepreneur, Adventurer, 3-time world record holder and loving faithful family man. In my eyes he lives out success and I've had the privilege of conquering the Old Woman Range in the south island of New Zealand learning polar survival skills for 5 days in -10 degree conditions with Geoff and he is the epitome of determination and hard work. (He also lives close by, Currumbin is a an awesome neck of the woods). Anyway, Geoff rolls up to me casually, puts his arm around me and says "28, I had 50 cents to my name when I was 28, the world is yours for the taking mate."


And it got me thinking about my birthday and how as you grow older somehow, it becomes somewhat more and more 'insignificant'. Yet Geoff's comment expressed quite the opposite! It got me thinking about what I'd learnt in the past year and what was ahead of me in the next, so I thought I'd share my top 3 learnings with you:


Watch/Listen to my learnings here:



1. Age is just a number! 

Too often the comment is thrown out there 'Oh, you're getting old!' as if that's meant to be funny? You know what happened next for me - I started believing it!! And that's just not on. Something so simple, actually became a limiting belief very quickly. Sam Walton founded the almighty Walmart when he was 44 years old proving, you're never 'too old' or 'too young' to begin. Don't let your age become a barrier to your dreams!


2. Patience is a virtue! (Short term losses = long term gain)

Over the past year I've realised that patience really is a virtue and if you can learn to play the long game you'll come out on top. I think about my friend Geoff and how he transformed himself and his bank balance from not a dollar to his name to where he is now and I understand it must've required patience and hard work. In today's society, we're primed and conditioned to want things 'NOW' like we're somehow entitled to them. Resist that feeling! If you can learn patience early on through all the short term losses, never giving up, then it's only a matter of time until you win.


3. You'll never get today again!

My BIGGEST realisation over the past year is that right now I have the MOST time, energy and resource that I will EVER HAVE in my entire existence on planet earth! As a 28 year old single dude with no mortgage, wife or kids (although I'm looking forward to the latter 2/3 of those things) I am time rich, energy rich and resource rich! What does that mean? It means that I better damn well use today to get stuff done! No mucking around, no quarterly exotic holidays or flashy cars, simply - head down tail up, hustle. You'll never get today again, don't waste it!


27 was a great year, full of fun, failures and so many learnings but I'm only just getting started! Do any of my learnings challenge or resonate with you? I'd love to know. As always drop me a line, comment, DM, email or msg somewhere in the internet. Always keen to hear from you, your comments are my 


Hope you're winning and remember - Head down, tail up & hustle! (While you still can)

Ryan Bowles

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